Smart Modular Solutions (SMS)

We offer world class aluminum strut profiles and accessories. We also provide conveyors, workstations, machine guards, stairs and platforms which are all made by “Aluminum Profiles and Accessories”.

Recently,we have also started to supply “Tubular Framing Systems” which are an essential tool in management and integration of logistic operations. Standardized modular product supplied by SMS products are easy and quick to assemble and guarantee the highest structural stability.

Features of Our Products:

SMS standardized products are used in assembling and putting up industrial frame structures such as work stations, conveyors, machine enclosures, robotic frames, exhibition stands and so on.

Here are the main features of our products:

Reliable Aluminum alloy strut profiles and accessories for frame construction.
Simple Modular assembly, easy to combine and remove.
Economical The lowest cost possible.
Efficient Used as conveyor supports, factory furniture, machine bases,partitions etc.
Flexible Wide range of products hence making your imaginative structures come real.

Technical consultancy:

We have a professional, experienced, and dedicated team waiting to help you reach your goals in your industrial projects.



  Extensive ranges of products
  SMS has products in six complete categories of spectacular advantages, providing you with ample choices to choose from. SMS products are diverse in range and come in different shapes, materials and sizes.

Products supplied and sold by SMS are very popular all around the world. The “lean product processing” and the designing compatible with humanization needs make our products more secure, economical, stable, and beautiful in appearance.

  Delivery periods
  Regular stocks of more than 1000 types, orders could be delivered in one day upon customer requirements. SMS provides immediate response to urgent orders.

 Save the design time
  Customers only have to select products from our catalogues, which are all included in SMS CAD library, without time-consuming parts diagram drawing, the design phase can be significantly shortened.

  No MOQ limit
  SMS does not apply any MOQ limits: even one product can be easily ordered.


Quality of Services

To SMS, quality is an absolute necessity, a philosophy that involves all company processes: from engineering to production and from logistics to marketing.

The engineering sector is the key area that, with many years of experience, has designed and developed all the new SMS products. Traditionally, the work has been carried out by highly specialized engineers, who make use of modern CAD/CAM workstations. They also manage new product development in a highly flexible manner. They are also in close contact with customers and create all the special versions to cater for their needs.