New Cubic Connector

Cubic Connector is for corner connection of two or three joining profiles. The connector is made from die-cast zinc, and the connector cap is from ABS.

    T Slot Symbol
6.2 is suitable for PG15 and PG20 profiles;
8.2 is suitable for PG30 profiles;
10.2 with thickness of 4.0 is suitable for PG40 profiles;
10.2 with thickness of 6.0 is suitable for PG45/50/60 profiles.


Description Application Drawing
End Cap
Part No. Download
Cubic Connector-3030-01 35 3.92.3030.01
Cubic Connector-3030-02 38 3.92.3030.02
Cubic Connector-4040-01 87 3.92.4040.01
Cubic Connector-4040-02 92 3.92.4040.02
Cubic Connector-4545-01 114 3.92.4545.01
Cubic Connector-4545-02 123 3.92.4545.02