Fastening Elements

Fastening elements are inserted directly into the profile slots and are used for connecting one profile to another or mounting components to profile structures.

Fasteners can be divided into two main categories of nuts and bolts, each consisting of items of different shapes and sizes. Based on these features, different fastening elements have different load-bearing capacities and ways of installation.

Pre-set Nut

Pre-set Nuts can only be inserted into the T-slots from the ...
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T Nut

T Nuts can be inserted directly at the assembly point ...
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Potential Equaliser Nut

The Potential Equaliser Nut is twisted into the profile groove, ...
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Subsequent Nut

Subsequent Nuts can be inserted into the T-slots directly while ...
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T Bolt

T Bolts can be inserted into the T-slots directly at ...
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Hole Reducer Bolt

Hole Reducer Bolts are used for reducing the hole screw ...
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