Pre-set Nut

Pre-set Nuts can only be inserted into the T-slots from the profile open end. These nuts are manufactured from nickel plated steel.

    T Slot Symbol
6.2 is suitable for PG15 and PG20 profiles;
8.2 is suitable for PG30 profiles;
10.2 with thickness of 4.0 is suitable for PG40 profiles;
10.2 with thickness of 6.0 is suitable for PG45/50/60 profiles.


Description Application Drawing D
Part No. Download
Pre-set Nut M4 3 2.11.06.M4
M5 3 2.11.06.M5
M4 8 2.11.08.M4
M5 8 2.11.08.M5
M6 8 2.11.08.M6
M4 16 2.11.10.M4
M5 16 2.11.10.M5
M6 16 2.11.10.M6
M8 16 2.11.10.M8
Square Nut M4 5 2.12.08.M4
M5 5 2.12.08.M5
M6 5 2.12.08.M6
M4 9 2.12.10.M4
M5 9 2.12.10.M5
M6 9 2.12.10.M6
M8 9 2.12.10.M8