T Slot Cover

T Slot Cover is used for protecting the slots from contamination and improve their structural appearance. The material is PP and the slot covers comes in four colors; black (BK), blue(BE), orange(SE) and grey(GY).

    T Slot Symbol
6.2 is suitable for PG15 and PG20 profiles;
8.2 is suitable for PG30 profiles;
10.2 with thickness of 4.0 is suitable for PG40 profiles;
10.2 with thickness of 6.0 is suitable for PG45/50/60 profiles.


Description Application Drawing Delivery Length (mm)
Part No. Download
T Slot Cover 2000mm/bar 11 4.21.06.BK
11 4.21.06.BE
11 4.21.06.GY
11 4.21.06.SE
2000mm/bar 22 4.21.08.BK
22 4.21.08.BE
22 4.21.08.GY
22 4.21.08.SE
2000mm/bar 38 4.21.10.BK
38 4.21.10.BE
38 4.21.10.GY
38 4.21.10.SE