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Aluminium Profiles are designed as modular structural components for constructing light weight assemblies such as precision frame structures, showcase, 3D printer structures etc. You can use T-nuts that slide into the slots to connect plates, couplers, PCBs, cut-outs, etc.

SMS supplies a full package of extruded aluminum profiles and their accessories in accordance with GB5237-2008, and with satin anodized surfaces. The aluminum strut profiles come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, hence can be easily adapted in your designs and provide you with the highest structural stability.

The main categories of our aluminum profiles are PG15, PG20, PG30, PG40, PG45, PG50 and PG60, with standard length of 5800mm.


Aluminium Strut Profiles

Aluminium Strut Profile PG20 20x20mm